Skp Xian Cinema 3 Kristen Pelou
Boutique Cinema, SKP Xi'an
Photography by Kristen Pelou

SKP Cinema

We’ve created a standalone cinema brand for SKP with a strong and scalable design language, which both complements the luxury retailer’s existing brand and is unexpected and futuristic.

1805 Xian Skp 342

The first SKP Cinema which opened in Xi’an in 2018, spans two floors, linked with an iconic, brutalist, poured-concrete staircase, with a design language that is integrated between the floors, walls and ceilings to provide a sculpted, luxurious environment and a recognisable brand.

1805 Xian Skp 825

Each of the seven screens at the SKP Cinema at SKP has a signature geometrical stacking effect across the ceiling and walls similar to that of an armadillo shell. This design highlight connects the ceiling and the walls, with the curvaceous offset also allowing a gap for air-conditioning and subtly diffused lighting. 

Aside from the multi-hued Kids’ Hall, each screen has its own single colour identity, such as red for the Love Hall, with seats matching the walls. To accommodate celebrities attending screenings, the SKP Cinema also includes a Green Room and VIP event space with a brushed brass cladded bar, made up of serrated semicircles with an oriental black marble top. 

1805 Xian Skp 238

We also wanted to pay particular attention to the communal areas, incorporating bars, a RENDEZ-VOUS café concession and point-of-sale areas to invite cinema-goers to stay for longer, meeting friends and family before and after watching a film. 

1805 Xian Skp 246

We varied the tone of the marbles and metals used in the communal areas as these are commonly used across the SKP retail brand, and introduced new fabrics and materials not used elsewhere in the store, to ensure the SKP Cinema has a unique aesthetic.