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Pink Shirtmaker London

Pink Beijing
Pink Shirtmaker, SKP Beijing
Pink Chicago geometry Brad Dickson
Pink Shirtmaker, Chicago
Photography by Brad Dickson

In 2019 Pink Shirtmaker London launched its global roll out of Sybarite’s architectural retail concept.

Sybarite were appointed to create a new identity for the global stores in line with the brand’s fresh creative direction headed by Christopher Zanardi-Landi and John Ray. The strategy was to move away from the store design of conventional British shirtmakers of the past and take Pink into a new era. The new path very much based on curating a sense of storytelling which encourages the shopper, from first encounter, to touch, feel and experiment with the collections. The design facilitates this with the interior architecture showcasing the garments, making them essentially more accessible to the customer and setting the scene for an enhanced and more transparent lifestyle retail experience for the modern gentleman.

Pink Syb shirt sketch

Pink are renowned for their sharpness of shirt cut and ready to wear collections embodying a sense of character, wit and embracing a vivid injection of colour. The interior architecture and visual merchandising have been designed around seasonal collections, accessories and Pink Bespoke: an entirely hand-crafted shirt service from the heart of London.

Pink Chicago hero Brad Dickson
Pink Shirtmaker, Chicago
Photography by Brad Dickson

A luxe edit of materials and finishes – the palette imbues warmth, champions transparency, and celebrates English craftsmanship. Pink have coined their own shade of deep green, a nod to the historic Mayfair Gentleman’s Clubs a stone’s throw from their first flagship store in Jermyn Street.

Pink Chicago fitting room Brad Dickson
Fitting Room, Chicago
Photography by Brad Dickson

Fitting rooms are portiere inspired for a more thoughtful shopping experience and to allow for privacy at the same time as being assisted. Walls are kept clean and textural in linen, fold out shelves for tech and small accessories, recessed pink leather benches for seating and custom designed walnut hooks with inset velvet are all an extension and evolution of the design of the shop floor to the front.

Pink T5 ticket board Dylan Thomas
Pink Shirtmaker, Heathrow Terminal 5
Photography by Dylan Thomas

An essential element of the store design is a sense of place. That said, all stores concepts are adapted in context to locality and its inherent culture and specifically in the case of airport concessions.