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Photograph by Noah Sheldon


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SKP‑S opened its doors in December 2019. It is a one of a kind environment, an incubator for global brands and their followers to immerse themselves and experiment with their future selves. SKP‑S offers a thought-provoking experience designed to resonate far further than the building itself.

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Photograph by Noah Sheldon

Sybarite have carved a stylised journey over four floors of around 19,000 sqm to be navigated through a purposefully ever-changing landscape. Each floor, a different perspective and exclusive identity to be interpreted.

The brief was to conceive SKP‑S and support an ever-changing think tank, where norms are questioned, which supports creativity without boundaries, and, encapsulates the ultimate freedom of expression. 

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The first floor houses top tier luxury brands and their alter egos. Designed as a museum like space: dark and theatrical, yet intimate. Finishes are blackened with pin pointed lighting focusing on mechanical art installations. 


Travel up on the infinity escalator to the second floor, where iconic and cult streetwear brands stand alongside emerging talents — a discovery and an opportunity to view and buy exclusive collaborations. The colour and material palette here is immediately lighter than the first floor – industrial in feel with terrazzo of varying shades, polished concrete ceiling coves and backlit glass vitrines.

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The portal to the third floor is a tunnel of translucent Dichroic glass leading to a domed environment which connects the future with the past. The Mars red dome itself, the vantage point, transforms constantly as a virtual window from space. The poured concrete floor punctuated by art installations which draw the visitor into the narrative, and lead them to form their own interpretation of other worldliness.

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Fashion brands are housed in a mixture of futuristic pods and store fronts, akin to a space station. The area is characterised by backlit LED lighting, wall clad cushioning of various types and the use of mesh and woven textures. Floating darkened discs at ceiling height, reiterate a sense of openness and voyage.

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At basement level, a medley of inspired food offers from fine dining experiences to restaurants and street food. Sybarite have created an industrial feel with terrazzo flooring, concrete walls and exposed ceiling. 

SKP S NS 1258 2400px

We have worked alongside and in collaboration with iconic luxury brands as well as a global curation of artists by Gentle Monster.