Ahead of the Chinese Lantern Festival, we are honoured to announce the opening of the Sybarite China office in Shanghai.

To our valued clients, loyal friends and appreciated followers we present 诗博睿 (Shī Bó Ruì). A name that is close to our hearts in its meaning and ambitions, and which is intrinsically connected to the English origin of Sybarite.

Based on the pronunciation of the studio’s name [‘sibərait], 诗博睿 (Shī Bó Ruì) synchronises with our design ethos and approach.

诗 – Poetic
Creative expression of form, rhythm, and space.

博 – Holistic
Intuitive understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

睿 – Foresight
Realising vision through insightful innovation.

Since its founding in 2002, Sybarite has built a noteworthy international profile in retail, hospitality, and experience architecture and design.

China has always been a steely focus and a crucial market for the studio, and we are grateful for the opportunities it has presented for the past 12+ years.

Our approach is about extracting the essence of a brand and the subtlety of embracing those cultural nuances, translating them into architectural and design codes that resonate with local and global audiences.

Sybarite has successfully delivered ambitious projects for Chinese clients, from the micro to macro, our chosen collaborators are the best in class, and the relationships, built over two decades, share our sentiments and ethos.

We look forward to continuing the next chapter of our journey with you all.