SYBARITE’S LOGO –  The evolution of the Sybarite logo from 2002 – 2022.

MONOBRAND MAGNIFICENCE: MARNI – The Marni stores: our unexpected blueprint for the Castiglioni family.

OUR FOUNDING PRINCIPLES – Sybarite’s founding principles of innovation, collaboration and respect have always been central to everything we do, coupled with  the importance of work-life balance.

OUR GLOBAL MELTING POT – We are committed to embracing and cultivating creativity and diversity from every corner of the world, to date 30 nationalities.

CREATING THE CURVE – Sybarite’s 2022 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade is awarded for our contribution to the export of our design in Asia. Our work for retail operators SKP over the last 10 years has been integral to this recognition.

THE FOURTH FLOOR AT SYBARITE – A culinary adventure by in-house Chef Humphrey Fletcher exploring the Best of The Season: sustainable, social and shared. A concept that embraces the Sybarite culture: community, creativity and collaboration.

MEETING OF MINDS – Torquil McIntosh and Simon Mitchell, Sybarite Co-Founders. Two opposite personalities perfectly complementing each other to form a harmonious whole through three guiding founding principles: collaborate, innovate, respect.

HYPER-PHYSICAL, HYPER-CONNECTED – Navigating the journey of discovery between physical and digital retail spaces through Sybarite’s Visualisation Team.

THE A-Z OF SYBARITE – Moments from the last 20 years: our circle of creativity and collaboration.

CLOSING OFF 2022 – The Sybarite Clock charts its final course, a recurring motif that recounted moments of the last 20 years. A journey paved with bold imagination and fuelled by innovation.