The Building of SKP Chengdu and the Future of Hybrid Retail Experience

We were delighted to host in situ the SKP Chengdu panel discussion: ‘The Building of SKP Chengdu and the Future of Hybrid Retail Experience.’

Sybarite Co-founder, Torquil McIntosh joined Jayyun Jun (Field Operations) and Jay Wu (SKP) to discuss and provide insights into the shared vision for SKP Chengdu, the Parallel World, and the challenges the teams faced in the undertaking of this landmark masterplan.

This was an excellent opportunity for Sybarite, Field Operations, and SKP to share our experiences in creating this project – from the evolution of the SKP brand codes and the SKP-S episodic narrative to the challenges of working within a green belt and the responsibilities and mandates the site had to comply with, as well as the creation of a community destination, the sustainable eco-park where art meets nature in a botanic quilt with over 300 species of plants.

“The Parallel World is the theme that acts as the connector of all experiences at every level. This narrative in conjunction with the expansive brand codes are how the customer journey is aligned from one end to the other.” – Torquil McIntosh, Sybarite Co-founder

Jayyun Jun - Associate Partner, Field Operations
Jay Wu - Design Department Director, SKP
Julia Zhu - Moderator
Toquil McIntosh - Co-Founder, Sybarite