The #SpotlightOnPeople Series

At Sybarite, we believe in the power of people and creativity to inspire and transform. That’s why we’re shifting the spotlight inwards and celebrating the incredible individuals who bring Sybarite to life. From the architects and designers to the chefs and operations team, we’ll be getting to know the vibrant tapestry of talent and personalities that make up our studio and sharing their unique perspectives.

Join us as we celebrate the diverse talent behind Sybarite, unveiling the remarkable minds that shape our experiential culture.

Introducing #SpotlightOnPeople

The featured Sybarites are:

  • Humphrey Fletcher, Head Chef – history enthusiast, bibliophile, humourist
  • Aldo Sanzo, Director – italophile, car enthusiast, cineaste
  • Natasha Manzaroli, Chief Operating Officer – petrol head, philanthropist, aesthete
  • Iain Mackay, Technical Director – curious, down-to-earth, pragmatic
  • Jing Guo, Senior Architect – passionate, adventurous, persevering
  • Edward Price,  Visualiser – adventurous, optimistic, imaginative
  • Enrico Falchetti,  Associate Director – curious, music-lover, easy-going
  • Ines Dga,  Visualiser – passionate, creative, ambitious