Sybarite collaborated with creative agency Cult on their live in-house incubation project fuelled by research and insights from designers, creators and innovators at the bleeding edge of creative change.

Sybarite worked alongside award winning writer and futurist Lucie Greene on the report to realise this live experiment branded as The Creatology Report, a white paper, which explores and cites noteworthy experiential examples of global creativity, from pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) creatives, digital artists, virtual brand owners to designers and architects.

In Sybarite’s case, SKP-S Beijing department store in collaboration with Gentle Monster as conceptualised around the theme ‘DigitalAnalog Future’. SKP-S is a retail store of the future, designed for the present. It forms part of their Case Study Super Convergence detailing how brands and businesses can thrive creatively as old and new media collide.

We’re at an inflection point in the way we use and think about technology, which has been accelerated even more so with COVID-19. AR, gaming and AI innovations to social platforms are creating a raft of new immersive ways to connect, work and shop. For creatives, this represents an exciting new era for storytelling, visual stimulus and experiences. We’re seeing a new generation of creatives emerge who are collaborating with technologists, sound artists, developers and engineers moving the notion of creativity into new realms.” Lucie Greene






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