Sybarite were pleased to be involved in a recent competition for the province of Arezzo, Italy in collaboration with the CNAPPC (Consiglio Nazionale Degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori) to create a design for a permanent bridge to replace the historical Romanesque Buriano Bridge.

An ISTANTE to experience EQUILIBRIO, take a MEMENTO and transform through METAMORFOSI.

The design captures the intrinsic connection and perfect balance between architecture and environment, man and nature.

Inspired by the curvilinear elegance, shape and form of the PETALI of the Iris – a seemingly delicate flower that is built to withstand harsh and torrid weather conditions. Underneath, delicate reflections and shadows from the Arno River evoke shapes reminiscent of the deeply rooted RADICI of the flowers that naturally grow on the banks of the Arno River.

The concept is a metamorphosis of geometries and prophetic lines that vary from each vanishing point. Conceived in a masterful mix of local sandstone.

ARENARIA ROSSA in warm and enveloping tones covers the entire structure.

ARENARIA VERDE is austere and slightly brutalist, covering the carriageway and the cycle lane.

ARENARIA GIALLA in delicate and light tones for the pedestrian area and the stepped belvedere.

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