Product design has always been part and parcel of Sybarite’s holistic approach to architecture and design. For Sybarite, blending the interior with the exterior requires that every element is integral to the look and feel and the storytelling of a setting, brand or fashion campaign.

Products should embody the DNA of a brand but at the same time have the capacity to be understood as unique and powerful in their own right. To that end, Sybarite have collaborated for almost two decades on a global scale with reputable and cutting-edge furniture makers and manufacturers, glass blowers, engineers, metal workers and artisans to deliver products for stores, exhibitions and events as well as consulting privately with avant-garde personalities on intimate and exclusive limited editions.

Sybarite’s modus operandi has always been about a desire to work in scale from the micro to the macro: a bespoke design for a perfume bottle can be as complex and challenging as the masterplan for a department store.