The Fourth Floor by Sybarite

The Fourth Floor at Sybarite is a supper club championing international culture in our architectural studio setting.

Under the direction of Chef Humphrey Fletcher, the intimate supper clubs at Sybarite HQ in West London showcase the best of the season.

Humphrey’s cuisine draws from his experience at the notorious London restaurants of Kensington Place, The Glasshouse at Kew, and The River Café.

The Fourth Floor Supper Club is a natural extension of the ethos and core philosophies of Sybarite: work-life balance.

Every day, an atmospheric din takes over at lunchtime as we pleasurably partake in Humphrey’s ever-changing menus. There is an importance placed on taking time to consume and to converse – an art which is faithfully embraced as an integral part of ‘a day in the life of Sybarite’. As such, Humphrey’s cuisine synchronises with the studio – delighting us, with seasonal, selectively sourced, and diverse dishes that celebrate multi-culturalism.

The Supper Club evening experience is underpinned by four pillars:


The Fourth Floor is an opportunity to bring the Sybarite name full circle.

Sybarite was conceived during a conversation at a dinner party where Co-Founders Torquil McIntosh and Simon Mitchell were of accused of being ‘Sybarites’. A seemingly perfect term to describe their united and plentiful passions and prospective path at the time and so it was adopted as their studio name.

The Fourth Floor recreates similar curated gatherings that Torquil and Simon have always been so very fond of and serve as an invitation into the world that they have created over the last two decades with Humphrey sharing their vision and the trio bringing it to fruition. The supper club focuses on four ever- present elements that are distilled thematically to represent the experience, from the course structure to the ingredients to the wine pairings – all of which are linked to the four seasons.

Designed as an entirely unique and authentic experience, guests can expect to dine in and amongst a creative studio, casually and collaboratively connecting. Branded to visually emanate from the architectural studio itself and a love of Brutalism and Bauhaus thus incorporating functional and abstract shapes and colours.