Sybarite took part in the international open ideas Urban Confluence Silicon Valley Competition. The mission for the San Jose Light Tower Corporation was to build an iconic landmark for San Jose and the Silicon Valley.

The purpose of the destination was to enhance the area and become a catalyst for Silicon Valley culture and long-term regional development and to be recognised on a world stage.

Sybarite’s concept of AEONS represents the timeless, infinite progression of ingenuity and innovation. They stand for humanity and technology and conceptualise that ideas are not born in isolation, but through a dialogue of cumulative knowledge over generations, which provokes invention. AEONS generate a localised microclimate, cooling visitors through atomised mist which naturally removes heat from the air. The minimal footprint enhances the useable recreational area.

A curated journey through the ellipse reveals a timeline of Silicon Valley’s global contributions. The timeline’s content will be drawn in collaboration with the local community and then realised through innovative AI construction techniques. By day, the sculpture creates intrigue through intricate, natural shadow-play across the park. In contrast, by night it is an exploration in transcendence symbolised by the projection of light onto solid sandstone, coupled with the internal illumination of glass. The effect is a harmonious juxtaposing with the landscape, the confluence of the river and the lit shadows on the park and water surfaces. The cloud mist technology would become a moving canvas for light installations.

The structural design counterbalances the heavyweight foundations which are entrenched in the landscape with the cantilevering rings.
Post-tensioning the rings improves bending resistance thus optimising weight distribution, we would employ the latest carbon fibre technologies. Seismic risk is addressed as are limiting materials and embodied carbon.

Sybarite were 1 of 963 qualifying entries and 1 of 47 submissions recommended to the jury by the Community Competition Panel (CCP).