House of Synergos

As part of Metaverse Fashion Week 2023, Sybarite was invited by Gemma A. Williams, Co-Founder of UU Studios and metaverse experts Metaverse Labs, to take part in an exciting and collaborative project.

#CAPITAL was a genre-blending event that took place in the metaverse.

The fashion-opera, composed by Alastair White, was performed inside ‘The House of Synergos’, an opera house in the metaverse designed by Sybarite Architects especially for the occasion.

The hyperbolic paraboloid structure that makes up the opera house symbolises modernisation and progress. ‘House of Synergos’ exists at the intersection of what is inspired by the past and yet transcends infinitely beyond that.

Sybarite Co-Founder Simon Mitchell appeared in a panel discussion on ‘Aesthetics in the Metaverse’ which was streamed in the metaverse prior to the show.

#CAPITAL was a rethinking of what theatrical practice could be. The project was an exploration into new ways of experiencing fashion, design, architecture, music, and dance.

The event took place in the metaverse platform in Dragon City, Decentraland and featured the digital fashion of Beijing Winter Olympics brand CHENPENG.


Thank you to our collaborators:

Gemma A Williams

Alastair White

Kelly Poukens

Zara Sands

UU Studios


Metaverse Labs